From Ghana to the nations

Last updated 24 October 2016 14:43

The team behind the West Africa Consultation and training in Ghana last month wants to see a great number of tentmakers being recruited and trained in the years to come. – We should aim at making Ghana a major sending nation within the coming ten years, says Devine Amattey who leads Tentmakers International in Ghana.

– Tentmaking allows all churches to take part in the worldwide mission. Our main challenge is to get the word out about this opportunity, Amattey continues.

He has already contributed a lot. For several decades he has traveled across Ghana in order to share his visions for tentmaking. As a professional teacher he has experienced how important it is that all Christians see themselves as ambassadors for Christ where they are.

– We need to help everyone to realize that every member of a local church is a witness, says Amattey. 

Greater awareness
In the end of August he and his local team of leaders in Tentmakers International Ghana arranged a West Africa consultation and training for tentmakers. The event gathered 25 people from three nations and Steinar Opheim from Tent was one of the main speakers.

– We didn´t reach our targeted number of participants. When it comes to quality of the event we did however meet the standard we desired. Several of the participants gave testimonies on how much this consultation and training meant for them. I believe that the tentmaking program can be a turning point for the churches in Ghana. This conference has helped us to create greater awareness of what tentmaking means, says J.S.T Abbosey who was also a member of the arranging committee.

Victor Agbonkpolor from Nigeria travelled all the way to Accra to take part in the event.

– Fellowship with other believers and good and practical teaching on tentmaking are the highlights of this conference to me. As leaders we may think that we know most things. This event did however give me new insights that I can practice and share with others, says Agbonkpolor. He is a medical doctor by profession. At the same time he works to train and send out tentmakers from Nigeria.

Church visits
Every evening after the last conference session of the day, a group of people went to teach on tentmaking in various churches in Accra.

– The response was great. All together we were able to introduce between 400 and 500 people to the idea of tentmaking, says Tent´s managing director, Steinar Opheim.

Nicholas Kwame Gyadu in Tentmakers International Ghana says the organization will continue to focus on doing church presentations in the months to come.

– It is in the churches we meet the professionals. The more they get to know about tentmaking and how they can reach out with the Gospel through their professions, the further the Gospel can reach. So the churches should be our first focus, says Gyadu.